Un-Plasticized PVC pipes for potable water supplies as per IS 4985:2000

Solvent Cement Joint Pipes

The Self fit (Solvent Cement joint) pipes having one end self-socketed and the other end plain, which fits snugly without the use of couplers. The strong solvent cement joint is permanent and trouble-free.
The entire range comprises sizes from 63 mm to 315 mm diameter, available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 kgf / cm² working pressure classes.


  • 50% saving in installation time, as compared with plain ended pipes and loose couplers
  • The number of joints are reduced by 50%, resulting in substantial saving in labor costs
  • The requirement of Solvent Cement for a pipeline is reduced by almost 50%
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of loose couplers, & reduction in inventory costs
  • Self fit pipes are supplied in a standard length of 6 mtrs exclusive of the socket portion

PVC Fittings (All Range)

Size 20mm to 110mm (All range)


  • Resistant to high temperature and good impact
  • Convenient and reliable installation.
  • Smooth inner walls reduce friction losses and increase flow speed.
  • Extremely long usage life for at least 50 years.