Vahini non pressure U PVC pipes for use in underground drainage & sewerage system as per IS 15328:2003

Vahini Drain pipes are specially designed for underground non-pressure applications like gravity drainage & sewer flow for transportation of soil & waste discharge of domestic origin, surface water (storm water) and industrial effluent pipes can be Joined with the help of solvent cement and elestomeric sealing ring joint type.

Available in standard length of 3 & 6 meters & are in any shade of brown color.

Product Range


Solvent Cement Joint

Great flexibility – Long lengths of lighter weight pipes and different component, installation of this system is very convenient and fast.

Perfect hydraulic properties – Smooth inside surface of the pipes will result in carrying capacity increased by 40% over concrete pipes.

Elestomeric Sealing Ring Joint

  • Deflection of pipes due to various reasons like shifting of soil, land contour can be easily accommodated upto 2° per joint
  • Even in extreme temperature variations, the rubber ring absorbs the linear expansion and contraction leaving the seal intact
  • Easy, convenient installation
  • No need for Solvent Cement