SWR Pipe for Soil and Waste recharge system inside buildings including ventilation and Rain water system as per IS 13592:1992

Vahini SWR Pipes

One end of the pipe is plain and the other end is self socketed on sophisticated automatic machines for high degree of accurate diameters.
Used for flow of soil waste & Rain water.


  • Light weight makes the handling, transportation & installation of pipes more convenient and cost effective.
  • The inside smooth surface of the pipes give excellent flow properties and maintains flow rate throughout its life.
  • Non corrosive hence regular water contact does not deteriorate the material.
  • Pipes are not attacked by rodents by virtue of its treatment at compounding stage.

SWR Fittings (All Range)

Size 75mm to 160mm (All range)

Drainage & sewerage purposes, Brewery pipelines, Underground or surface drainage, Industrial & chemical effluent disposal, Acids & slurring transportation, Rain water harvesting system, Building ventilation & discharge system.