Un Plasticized PVC screen & Casing pipes for Bore-wells / Tube-wells, as per IS 12818:2010

Vahini Casing Pipes

Vahini casing pipes made from specially developed PVC compound. Vahini casing pipes offer superior performance at a lower cost and becomes the prime choice of the customer. By using Vahini Casing Pipes you can avoid frequent problems. Metal casing tube wells generally fails due to problems like corrosion and encrustation associated with conventional pipes.

Due to corrosion the strainer screens get damaged and the sand particles enters along with the water. Due to encrustation, pipe diameter as well as effective area of screen get reduces and hence tube well becomes Un-serviceable in short period.


  • 50% saving in installation time, as compared with GI tube well pipes.
  • Corrosion free and long life.
  • The requirement of Solvent Cement for a pipeline is reduced by almost 50%

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